Open Positions

Job Description

Dr. Softic’s laboratory is seeking a highly motivated individual to fill a position of Research Scientist I/Post-Doctoral Fellow in the Department of Pediatrics, Division of Pediatric Gastroenterology at the University of Kentucky. The Softic Lab studies how the combined intake of sugar (fructose and glucose) and a high-fat diet drive the development of hepatic insulin resistance, impair mitochondrial fatty acid oxidation and support development of obesity.

The successful candidate will have a relentless work ethic, intellectual curiosity, and the utmost drive to seek scientific truth and protect research integrity. She or he will be in charge of leading an independent project, collegially participate in ongoing experiments in the lab, assist in training students and other lab personnel, and have the ability to practice exemplary leadership skills. Furthermore, a post-doc is expected to write peer-reviewed scientific manuscripts for high-impact journals, participate in grant writing and disseminate research results at local and national meetings.

Preferred Qualifications

A strong foundation of basic cell biology, molecular biology, and biochemistry techniques is required. Previous background in studying metabolic diseases, such as obesity, diabetes, fatty liver disease or similar areas is highly desirable. The ideal candidate should possess experience with the following: cell culture, molecular cloning, protein biochemistry, and mitochondrial bioenergetics. Previous experience in processing and analyzing large datasets (i.e., metabolomics data, RNAseq, proteomic analysis, genome annotation or developing analysis pipelines) is a plus. Animal handling experience is preferred, but not required.


Compensation will be in line with published NIH Fellowship and Training Stipend Levels based on years of experience. For Research Scientist the Softic Lab offers above average compensation compared to similar positions at the University. University of Kentucky provides generous health, dental and retirement benefits.

Applicant Required Documents

  • Cover Letter
  • Curriculum Vita

Interested individuals are encouraged to apply through University of Kentucky HR department. Please click here to access the application website.