Past Members

I graduated from Vanderbilt University with my Bachelors of Science in Molecular Biology. I was then a high school teacher for 5 years, and after surviving that somewhat unscathed, I pursued my PhD in Chemistry at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Since then, I have worked in labs where I’ve done less chemistry and more biology. This is a good thing….I think. Now real excited to work on projects related to metabolism and the mitochondria.

Leisure time: I like reading chemistry textbooks and sleeping in. Really.

Steven Presnell retired from the Softic Lab in July of 2021. Thanks for all your hard work Steve!

I am a rising second-year medical student at the University of Kentucky College of Medicine. I joined this lab because I was interested in studying how different metabolic pathways are involved in diabetes patients. In my free time, I enjoy reading as well as watching and playing sports.

Nausherwan Hussain was in our lab for the Diabetes and Obesity Research Program and now he’s back to medical school. Best of luck Naush!